memorial glass

Memorial Glass Keepsake
A beautiful tribute for your beloved relative or dear friend. As well as for our cherished family pets.

Hand crafted with the care and attention from our expert glass artisans, with the greatest sensitivity.
Live Laugh Love Art’s memorial glass paperweights are customizable to best fit what you want, with a variety of shapes, colors, and techniques to choose from.

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First choose your glass shape, then choose the colors you wish.
Follow the steps below to place your order.
Once your style preferences have been sent in, we will send you an invoice.
Memorial Glass Custom Order $120

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Make a reservation to help create your keepsake!
In the Memorial Glass Keepsake Experience, you will be able to help create two items out of molten glass using the cremated ash of your loved one.
Memorial Glass Keepsake Experience $300
call 503-244-7811 to make a reservation

memorial glass keepsake order

memorial glass order




You will be emailed an invoice for your order within the next 24 hours.